The International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA 2018

The International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA, is one of the most important meeting places in Europe for producers and distributors of modern technologies and building materials with representatives of trade, architects, contractors and investors.


The International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA

This year BUDMA was held for the 27th time. The stand of BUILD WITH STEEL was organized as a part of a joint exhibition of Polish Chamber of Steelwork.

As part of the Fair the “Innovative design solutions in lightweight buildings” conference was organized by the Partners of the BUILD WITH STEEL Program. The event was focused on the subject of steel structure design using the TEKLA STRUCTURES and TRIMBLE CONNECT FOR STRUCTURES software.

The big positive surprise of the conference was attendance – it can be said that the participants were twice as much as the organizers assumed. Among the listeners there were young architects and designers, representatives of production companies, as well as people representing enterprises of many different branches of the steel construction industry. 

“Innovative design solutions in lightweight buildings” conference

The first presentation of the day was given by Marcin Cabała, representing the company CONSTRUSOFT. The speaker talked about modern methods of steel structure design using Tekla Structures software. Piotr O. Korycki, Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Blachy Pruszyński gave a presentation on lightweight building partitions and then Wojciech Ochojski, the Technical Advisor at ArcelorMittal Commercial Long Poland talked about steel car parkings. The subject of BIM and CONSTRUSOFT software reappeared during the presentation of Agnieszka Ostrowska, who gave a detailed account of the possibilities of Trimble Connect – a platform that is a kind of ecosystem for designers’ cooperation. CONSTRUSOFT employees presented one more technical novelty – Microsoft Hololens, holographic google with a built-in computer and installed Windows 10, which enable visualization of the project at any scale and location using mixed reality. The last presentation was delivered by Kamil Herbuś from STIGO. The topic was the StruMIS system, streamlining production management in steel construction factories. StruMIS is a great tool that facilitates costing, storage, purchasing planning, contract management and finally control over production and documentation, as well as shipment, delivery and assembly.

BUDMA turned out to be a great opportunity to bring the BUILD WITH STEEL program closer to a wider audience. We invite you to follow the website and profiles in social media – Facebook and LinkedIn for further information about Program activity.

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