Modern sustainable steel construction seminar – 6.02.2020, Poznań

On February 6th, 2020, as part of the BUDMA International Architecture and Construction Fair in Poznań, the seminar “Modern sustainable steel construction” was held. BUILD WITH STEEL Program was at the Fair at a joint promotional stand together with Polish Chamber of Steelwork.

Today, ecology in construction is not only a trend that many companies use in their promotional and marketing activities. Ecological construction, based on the assumptions of sustainable development, is a necessity – increasingly sanctioned by legal requirements, but also by the expectations of potential clients whose environmental awareness is increasing year by year. Ecological construction is also one of the priority areas in the context of the European Union’s innovation. It should not surprise anyone that this topic was also raised as part of the BUILD WITH STEEL Program – steel fits into the ecological character of modern construction.

As Wioleta Barcewicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Polish Chamber Of Steelwork) said at the beginning of the “Modern sustainable steel construction” seminar , steel is an efficient and competitive material. Produced from scrap, it can be easily recycled (the recycling rate for steel is around 90%!). Thanks to prefabricated elements, the amount of waste generated at the construction site is minimal, and the assembly time of steel structures is short. The use of this material leads to savings in energy and materials not only at the stage of investment implementation, but throughout its life cycle.

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