4th Steel Day – STEEL CONNECT US

Steel Day is a cyclical event that has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of conferences organized in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Steelwork.

The event has so far been held in a mixed formula – first twice as a stationary event, and last year, due to pandemic restrictions, as an on-line event combining live broadcasts from the studio and streaming of previously prepared materials.

However, regardless of the formula, every year the Steel Day attracts participants representing various branches of the steel construction industry – representatives of production, metallurgical and design companies, as well as architects and representatives of the world of science. This year’s edition of the Steel Day was held under the common slogan “Steel connects us”. This guiding motto was intended to emphasize the universality of steel as a building material, but also to emphasize that in times of ecological changes and the pursuit of sustainable development, steel is an excellent building material, the use of which contributes not only to reducing the emissivity of modern industry, but also to increasing the level of recycling building materials.

The culmination of the event was a discussion panel with invited guests, attended by: Elżbieta Rotblum, Alicja Kuczera and Maciej Chrzanowski.

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