On January 23rd, 2018, the prestigious BUILDER AWARDS 2017 gala was held. BUILD WITH STEEL was also present at the celebrations.


The BUILDER AWARDS gala – an event for the entire industry

Regardless of the economic situation, Polish construction market has always its strengths. It is made up of companies that can repeat successes and people who know how to create them. The 15th edition of the Builder Awards, the final of which took place at Multikino Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, brought closer this strength by indicating specific organizations and people.

During the gala, Construction Company of the Year award was went to nearly 50 companies. The statuettes of the Polish Hercules were also given, which awarded the most distinguished figures for the industry. The ceremony had a modern, multimedia setting, and the diplomas and statuettes were presented by members of the Program, Scientific Council and Builder Reviewers. The Gala of the XV edition of Builder Awards was a unique event for one more reason. It was organized in cooperation with three companies that were celebrating their anniversaries that year. Budimex, which took over the patronage of the gala, as well as Austrotherm and Palisander (partners of the gala) are 100 years old in total, hence the idea that the ceremony should be held under the slogan: “100 years of experience in construction“. 

The celebration of its jubilee during the gala was inaugurated by Budimex. Over 50 years of operation, the company has become the largest construction company in Poland, employing 7.5 thousand people. Today we are a strong company – assured the President of the Management Board Dariusz Blocher, before he cut the birthday cake.

During the event, the BUILD WITH STEEL program also presented its promotional stand. The interest in the newly established initiative was high, which allows us to be optimistic about its further development. The gala of the 15th edition of Builder Awards showed the results of the construction sector reflected in the achievements of companies, highlighted the leading figures, and was also an opportunity to establish direct relations. Like its previous editions, this year’s edition has fulfilled its important, integrating role.

akademickich, samorządowych oraz szeroko pojętego otoczenia branży budowlanej.

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