On May 23rd, 2018, at PGE Narodowy was held a meeting as part of the site visits cycle in which representatives of design and implementation companies as well as academics and students participated.

The meeting began at 11:00 in Hall London A. The participants were welcomed by Bartłomiej Baudler – Managing Director of KERSTEN EUROPE sp. z o.o. The first presentation was given by mgr Leszek Miara, who was Inspector of Investor’s Supervision of steel structure and rope roof during the construction of the Stadium. The speaker presented the historical outline and technical specification of this comprehensive implementation.

Then, Rafał Deptuła – Main Technologist at ASMET sp. z o.o. sp. k. told about the fasteners used during the assembly of the stadium’s steel structures. After the presentation, Andrzej Sajnaga, Chairman of the Board of ASMET shared the current details of cooperation with the company responsible for the roof installation – MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE HOLDING S.A. Before the break, microphone was taken over by Artur Porębski, Director of Realization at NeoStrain sp. o.o. – the company responsible for monitoring the steel structure.

The last presentation was delivered by Tadeusz Pietraś – the then Director of MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE HOLDING S.A. and the head of assembly of the steel structure, rope roof, façade and staircase, which shared with the listeners the film documenting the stadium construction process. The projection, embellished with the commentary by the speaker, ended with a 5-minute recording showing the so-called big lift, or procedure for raising the object’s spire. Big lift is an example of one of the most technologically advanced operations in the world and the first such undertaking on a European scale.

The last, but equally important element of the meeting was visiting PGE Narodowy – the participants of the event had the opportunity to see the object’s plate and look at the steel structure of the roof.

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