BUILD WITCH STEEL Conference – Steel in architecture

On November 15th, the Conference titled Steel in Architecture took place at PKP Nowa Łódź Fabryczna railway station. At the event organized by the Partners of the BUILD WITH STEEL Program in cooperation with ZEMAN HDF sp. z o.o. participated architects and representatives of steel market companies.

Steel in modern architecture

The details of the design and assembly of the steel structure of the station were described by ZEMAN HDF representatives: Rafał Lipiński (Lead Constructor) and Mariusz Koserczyk (Construction Manager).

Importantly, thanks to the experience of the company, a very accurate representation of the architectural vision could be modeled in reality, which is usually a problematic issue for designers. Due to the complex structure, the company carried out a number of measurements and verification of the fire risk, which allowed the project to be safely implemented.

After a short lunch break two presentations were held – Wojciech Ochojski, Technical Advisor from ArcelorMittal Commercial Long Polska sp. z o.o. talked about modern constructional and material solutions based on hot-rolled sections of ArcelorMittal, while Piotr O. Korycki, Blachy Pruszyński Menagment Board Proxy for Implementation talked about light steel constructions.

After the presentation the participants were guided by the ZEMAN representatives around the facility.

We thank ZEMAN HDF for the possibility of organizing a Conference “Steel in architecture” on the premises of PKP Nowa Łódź Fabryczna.


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