AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA 2018 Fairs and Conference “Steel car parkings designing”

On May 9, 2018 at the AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA 2018 Fair in Kielce, the “Steel car parkings” conference was organized by the BUILD WITH STEEL Partners.

The event was opened by Bartłomiej Baudler – Managing Director of KERSTEN EUROPE sp. z o.o., who welcomed the participants of the Conference. Then the substantive part of the meeting began.

Wojciech Ochojski – Technical Advisor at ArcelorMittal Commercial Long Poland sp. z o.o. was the first to speak about the theoretical assumptions of car parkings with steel structure.

The practical side of the construction of steel car parkings was presented by Zbigniew Barłóg – President of the Management Board of METALBARK sp. z o.o. sp. k. – a company responsible for the implementation of the Parking pod Blankami in Bydgoszcz – winning prizes at home and abroad.  Parking is a great fit in the atmosphere of Bydgoszcz Old Town, looks like a city defensive walls and is almost entirely made of red brick. Parking, which allows parking 300 cars, is modern equipped and perfectly protected against fire.

The next speech was given by Zbigniew Miodowski – President of the Management Board of ZinkPower Szczecin sp. o.o., who after a few words of introduction gave the microphone to Leszek Frankowski, who is the Director of the Sales Office in the company. The presentation discussed the advantages and methods of galvanizing steel structures.

Ryszard Rękasa representative of the Office of Technical Inspection told about the certification of steel structures, legal requirements, as well as the conditions and rules for the use of the Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control and the “Certified Factory Production Control” mark.

The last presentation of the Conference was delivered by Tomasz Barczyński – Head of the quality control department at ASMET sp. o.o. sp. k., which returned to the subject of Parking pod Blankami or rather fasteners used during its implementation.

We would like to thank the speakers and participants of the conference. We invite you to view the gallery of photos from the Conference and follow the next initiatives of the BUILD WITH STEEL.

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