A site visit meeting at Warsaw Spire – 13.03.2018

The meeting took place on the 38th floor of the Warsaw Spire – one of the most modern office building in Poland.

The conference at was opened by the President of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork, Tadeusz Rybak (CEO of MOSTOSTAL PUŁAWY S.A.). Welcoming the participants of the event, the President of PIKS expressed admiration of the Warsaw Spire building, making an impression both from the technological and aesthetic side.

A moment later Piotr O. Korycki outlined the current activity of the BUILD WITH STEEL program and pointed out the nearest plans related to this initiative.

The first presentation was given by Krzysztof Owczarczyk – Construction Manager of the Warsaw Spire complex, who outlined the technical characteristics of the entire investment. Agnieszka Franiel – Project Manager of ZEMAN HDF told about the building construction too.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to discuss the design and implementation of the Genesis restaurant, which is part of the office complex – a modern, futuristic facility almost entirely made of steel and glass. The application of arch elements in this object was told by Michał Kucharski, Project Manager at KERSTEN EUROPE.

The subject of the structure of the round pipes of Genesis restaurants was then told by Katarzyna Jóźwiak – Project Manager, representing ZEMAN HDF. Her speech was supplemented by Wojciech Brzozowski – Construction Manager supervising work on the object.

The conference ended with lunch at the Genesis restaurant.

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