2nd Steel Day – 7.11.2019 r., Warsaw – Marriott Hotel

The 2nd Steel Day took place on November 7, 2019 at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. The event was attended by over 100 participants representing various branches of steel construction market.

A world based on steel

Wojciech Ochojski from ArcelorMittal Commercial Long Polska sp. z o.o. made the first presentation of day. He presented the idea behind the activity of the BUILD WITH STEEL Program. The speaker reminded the initiatives that have so far taken place as part of BUILDING WITH STEEL, and also announced what else we can expect from the Program. Then Marzena Jakimowicz from the Institute of Building Technology spoke. As a substitute for Oleksy Kopylov, the speaker talked about ventilated steel facades. Another presentation was given by Zbigniew Miodowski – President of the Management Board of ZinkPower Szczecin sp. z o.o. and the Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork, who dealt with the most popular myths about hot dip galvanizing.

Piotr O. Korycki, Plenipotentiary of the Management Board for implementations (PRUSZYŃSKI sp.z o.o.), talked about noise protection in buildings with light steel casing. Noise, contrary to popular belief, does not have to be loud – it is basically any auditory sensation that is undesirable or even harmful to the recipient. Protection against noise is important, because it can not only cause discomfort, but also make it difficult to rest, cause pain, irritability, concern, etc.

An important presentation underlying the BUILD WITH STEEL program was given by a guest from Luxembourg – Professor Olivier Vassart – CEO Steligence at ArcelorMittal, who at the very beginning made a bold thesis that today’s world is based on steel. To meet current problems such as global warming or overpopulation, ArcelorMittal has developed Steligence – a science philosophy that aims to reduce the demand for energy, materials and raw materials, while extending the life cycle of investments and achieving positive economic, environmental and social effects.

Continuing the topic of ecological steel construction, the following spoke: arch. Janusz Marchwiński from the University of Ecology and Management, who talked about the use of steel elements in solar active buildings. Steel elements can act as solar absorbers and mirrors, reflecting this radiation in the desired direction.

What can be made of steel

After a short coffee break, the microphone was taken by Zbigniew Barłóg – President of METALBARK sp.z o.o. sp. k. and the President of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork, who shared a short film from Japan illustrating the scale of using steel structures in the Land of the Cherry Blossom. Due to geological conditions, the use of steel is huge in Japan. To keep up with orders, production plants are often multi-storey – something rather unheard of in Europe. Then Piotr Lewicki from the Lewicki Łatak Design Office presented the implementation of the Cracovia 1906 Hall with the Disabled Sports Center in Krakow, an interesting project in which original Corten steel was used.

Further presentations were given by: Teresa Wawrowska – Foreign Sales Director of STALPROFIL S.A. talked about the use of funds for innovation on the example of Izostal S.A., which is part of the STALPROFIL capital group, and Jacek Zasada (President of the Polish Galvanizing Association), who comprehensively presented the projects involved in the Czech and Slovak Galvanizing Competition (among them very original: the so-called Path in the Clouds, or the Tokaj Lookout Tower).

At the end of the 2nd Steel Day, Marcin Cabała from CONSTRUSOFT sp.z o.o. presented the use of BIM in bridge structures on the example of the impressive implementation of Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge in Turkey, and Damian Wąsik, Director of the Management Board of KERSTEN EUROPE sp.z o.o. showed the most spectacular EXPO 2020 pavilions in Bubaj dominated by bent steel structures.

The 2nd Steel Day ended with a short afterparty, during which participants had the opportunity to relax over lunch and a symbolic glass of wine.


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